Our small group of permaculture design builders are available for consulting. We are licensed contractors and licensed engineers (PEs) who are able to assess structures for applications such as green roofs and rainwater capture. We can also provide information for efficient backyard gardens, integrating chickens and bees if desired, and utilizing salvaged and natural materials.

A two hour consultation at your site is $250 (additional fees may apply depending on proximity to Queens) and will be tailored to your needs. For instance, if you are interested in understanding the general possibilities of a rooftop structure, we will bring our engineers, and if you are interested in starting your own backyard garden, we will bring those more specialized in garden construction and maintenance. If you ultimately need design drawings or a structural assessment filed with the Department of Buildings, additional fees will apply and we can provide an estimate at the consultation.

If you are interested, please email and provide some basic information on your project.