Our Story

Hellgate Farm started out in 2011 in a residential backyard in Astoria, Queens. At that time there were no grand plans beyond gardening, but we were growing more than we needed and sold the surplus at a local coffee shop a few blocks away. Two years later our next-door neighbor was inspired to offer us their backyard, doubling the size of the enterprise. The following year we expanded to another backyard a few blocks away and to a commercial rooftop in Long Island City. The momentum kept building and we're going on eight seasons! Over the years, we've turned underutilized spaces into lush, productive gardens, we've run Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, taught skills to the community from gardening to carpentry, and started a whole line of small batch products. We also provide design, contracting, and consulting services.


In many ways, the urban landscape is our most damaged ecosystem. Our aim is to retrofit it from a rat race of thoughtless consumption to a place of thoughtful production. It is beautiful to observe how quickly the natural world responds when we simply offer it space to flourish. Just a few planters on a fire escape can become a habitat. Connecting with nature and engaging in the production of our resources are intricate parts of our wellbeing. In the urban environment we must be innovative. We at Hellgate Farm wish to promote resilient living within our community and to provide opportunities for people to connect and learn. We invite you to join us, wherever we can find space to grow together!


Here is a video from our 2015 kickoff garden build: